How to adjust height of an old Steelcase chair (454311M)?

By | September 8, 2013

The chairs do not have the pneumatic mechanism to adjust the height of the chair. The height is adjusted by turning the chair in circles around the base. The base post contains a screw mechanism that gives 2-3″ of adjustment.

7 thoughts on “How to adjust height of an old Steelcase chair (454311M)?

    1. Maria de Leon

      Did turning the base work? I am considering purchasing a used one. Thanks

  1. Guerline

    Yes it worked I’ve been trying to make my chair hugging for the longest time

    1. Dumbo

      Hey, I cannot figure out how to increase the height. Can you please explain in detail how you did it? I tried spinning it both direction but nothing happened.

      1. Office Worker

        You must turn the chair upside down and then rotate the wheel base counterclockwise. You will begin to see the shaft that you are turning begin to move away from the bottom of the chair.


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