How to build PDFsam enhanced on Linux

By | December 12, 2013

PDFsam (PDF Split and Merge) is a free and open source desktop utility designed to perform pdf documents manipulation (pdf merge, pdf split, page rotation etc). PDFsam Enhanced is the Pro version. It has additional features including encryption/decryption of pdf files, extracting attached files, mixing two pdf files, etc. This post tells you how to download the source code, compile and use it for free.

  1. install Apache Ant

  2. download PDFsam enhanced (2.2.2e)

  3. extract the source code to pdfsam-2.2.2e-out-src

  4. unzip all zip files in pdfsam-2.2.2e-out-src: unzip '*.zip'

  5. change pdfsam-maine/ant/build.preperties

  6. run ant
  7. you can find the software in pdfsam-maine/build/pdfsam-maine/release/dist/pdfsam-enhanced
  8. feel free to copy pdfsam-enhanced to whatever fold you want to keep the software, for example $PDFSAM
  9. run bash $PDFSAM/bin/

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