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By | September 8, 2013

This is the review of the current state of research in my domain with generalized observations and suggestions for research.

Figure of Journals scope and my research area.
Figure of Journals scope and my research area.

  • Computational Linguistics: This journal’s scope is quite wide, but it is highly referred in papers that are related to my research.

  • Knowledge-Based Systems focuses on systems that use knowledge-based techniques to support human decision-making, learning and action.

  • Bioinformatic: I will focus on the data and text mining part.

    • Genome analysis
    • Sequence analysis
    • Phylogenetics
    • Structural Bioinformatics
    • Gene Expression
    • Genetics and Population Analysis
    • Systems Biology
    • Data and Text Mining
    • Databases and Ontologies
  • Nucleic Acids Research: Though computational biology is one of its scope, I didn’t find any papers talking about BioNLP in the current volume.

  • Information Processing & Management: Basic and applied research in information science: use of information; information retrieval (IR); knowledge organization and distribution.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: The information system issues seems related to my research application:

    • medical knowledge engineering
    • knowledge-based and agent-based systems
    • computational intelligence in bio- and clinical medicine
    • intelligent medical information systems
  • BMC Bioinformatics: This is the ideal journal. Some papers focus on the BioNLP field. Memo: they didn’t have “introduction” section in each article, but “background”.

  • Machine Learning Journal: Learning Problems and Learning Methods are very related.

  • Journal of Machine Learning Research: Learning Problems and Learning Methods are very related.

  • IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (IEEE/ACM TCBB): Though they anticipate the publications will represent a mixture of fundamental methodological, experimental and implementation issues, and serious application of methods, from the more specific topics of interest, I can find only things like protein analysis, DNA folding, but not NLP issues.

  • Computer Speech and Language: Algorithms and models for speech recognition and synthesis, is not related to my area. But the natural language processing techniques are helpful.

  • Journal of Molecular Biology: Computational biology, but not focus on NLP.

  • Journal of Artificial Intelligence: General journal, suitable for any topics in AI.

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