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How to build PDFsam enhanced on Linux

PDFsam (PDF Split and Merge) is a free and open source desktop utility designed to perform pdf documents manipulation (pdf merge, pdf split, page rotation etc). PDFsam Enhanced is the Pro version. It has additional features including encryption/decryption of pdf files, extracting attached files, mixing two pdf files, etc. This post tells you how to download the source code, compile and use it for free.

Install Gnuplot 4.6 with PDF on Ubuntu

It is always hard to install gnuplot manually on Ubuntu, especially if you want to plot diagram in PDF, JPEG, or PNG formats. This short 101 article describes one way to install gnuplot with PDF on Ubuntu.

  1. download pdflib-light and extract to $PDFLIB
  2. compile and install pdflib-light

    cd $PDFLIB
    sudo make install
  3. refresh lib cache: sudo ldconfig

  4. download gunplot and extract to $GNUPLOT

  5. compile and install gnuplot

    cd $GNUPLOT  
    ./configure --with-pdf  
    sudo make install  

Note: other packages which can be installed via apt-get read more