When to post technology blogs?

By | September 24, 2013

Don’t mistake me: I’m not disagreeing with the importance of quality content in posting; on the contrary, I always believe that creating original content is the most essential part of a successful blog. But beyond that, probably we can do a bit better.

When to post is another important aspect for a successful blog. Are certain times better than others? The answer is absolutely Yes, but it depends on the industry and the nature of your group personality. This article only focuses on technology blogs. In this post, I attempt to combine different research resources and draw a few basic posting guidelines by time of hour and day. The timing in the post is relative to the time zone. My main resources include

Best Hour to Blog by Views

The very first thing we should know is that when readers will read blogs. According to a survey, 70% respondents report that they read blogs in the morning. More specifically, 11 am is when blogs usually get most traffic on average. The time can also be convinced by ex Vice President of Google, Kai-Fu Lee. In his books, he also suggests that the best time for tweeting is 9am – 11am.

On the other hand, most comments blogs get are written at 9pm. This is quite opposite to when people browse the Internet. But it is easy to understand. After a long busy day, night might be the most relaxing moment, when users finally find the motivational aspect of seriously discussing questions, topics, or brainstorming.

Best Day to Blog by Views

Different from finance, sports, and leisure post, in a week users tend to read technology blogs on Monday, rather than Sunday. I suppose it is highly related to lifestyles of programmers/geeks. After a nice, long, and relaxing weekend, working on Monday morning can be extremely difficult. Skimming through posts seems very attractive to beat such Monday Morning Blues 🙂 . This provides a good chance for your post to be read.

Same as the phenomenon we observed in Best Hour to Blog by Views, in a week most comments blogs get are written on Saturday.

Best Hour and Day to Blog by Links

The survey also shows that the best time to publish post in order to get Links is 7am. This observation exactly match what we analyzed before. Search engines, like Google, usually need 1 or 2 hours to retrieve a new article. That means in order for most readers to find your post at 9am, you should make sure your post is published in front of them. Therefore 7am-8am is a perfect time without a doubt.

In a week, the best time publish post in order to get Links are Monday and Thursday. Monday is quite understandable, but Thursday … I cannot find a good reason so far.

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