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《Deep Learning》(深度学习)中文版开放下载

Deep Learning》(深度学习)是一本皆在帮助学生和从业人员进入机器学习领域的教科书,以开源的形式免费在网络上提供,这本书是由 Ian Goodfellow、Yoshua Bengio 和 Aaron Courville 合力打造。

这本书的主题具体来说,是机器学习的一种,一种能够使计算机系统从经验和数据中得到提高的技术。深度学习是一种特定类型的机器学习,具有强大的能力和灵活性,它将大千世界表示为嵌套的层次概念体系(由较简单概念间的联系定义复杂概念、从一般抽象概括到高级抽象表示)。对于本书的结构,第一部分介绍基本的数学工具和机器学习的概念,第二部分介绍最成熟的深度学习算法,而第三部分讨论某些具有展望性的想法,它们被广泛地认为是深度学习未来的研究重点。 read more

How to return an subclass with generics

In 2013, I created a project to provide a general-purpose tree structure in Java.

One challenge at that time (mostly because I was not an expertise at that time, neither am I now) is the return type of Tree methods. For example, the return type of getChild(int index) that should return the child at the specified index. read more

Referee’ quotes published by Environmental Microbiology

I recently read a series of referee’ quotes published by Environmental Microbiology. As stated in every article, the referees are busy, serious individuals who give selflesslyof their precious time to improve manuscript. But, once in a while, their humour (or admiration) gets the better of them. Here are some quotes that I like most.


  • I recommend the authors to get in contact with, e.g. sanitary engineers or fermentation/process engineersand not to try and invent the wheel again.
  • I only am willing to read this again if it has less than 20pages (Ed.: the original submission had 54)!
  • read more

    [FWD] Introducing Source Han Sans: An open source Pan-CJK typeface

    Adobe, in partnership with Google, is pleased to announce the release of Source Han Sans, a new open source Pan-CJK typeface family that is now available on Typekit for desktop use. For those who want to play with the original source files, you can get those from Github. The installable fonts and source files can be downloaded from the Releases page.

    E.B. White’s Beautiful Letter to a Man Who Had Lost Faith in Humanity

    Dear Mr. Nadeau:

    As long as there is one upright man, as long as there is one compassionate woman, the contagion may spread and the scene is not desolate. Hope is the thing that is left to us, in a bad time. I shall get up Sunday morning and wind the clock, as a contribution to order and steadfastness.

    Sailors have an expression about the weather: they say, the weather is a great bluffer. I guess the same is true of our human society – things can look dark, then a break shows in the clouds, and all is changed, sometimes rather suddenly. It is quite obvious that the human race has made a queer mess of life on this planet. But as a people we probably harbor seeds of goodness that have lain for a long time waiting to sprout when the conditions are right. Man’s curiosity, his relentlessness, his inventiveness, his ingenuity have led him into deep trouble. We can only hope that these same traits will enable him to claw his way out. read more

    [转] 胡适在北京大学毕业典礼上的讲话(1932年6月27日)


    How to clone all remote branches with Git

    Question: I have a master and a development branch, both pushed to remote git repository. How to clone all remote branches with Git


    clone the remote git repository: git clone git://

    list all hiden local branches: git branch -a

    $ git branch -a  
    * master  
      remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master  

    create a local tracking branch: git checkout -b another-branch remotes/origin/another-branch

    list local branches: git branch, and you will see the local branches read more