Referee’ quotes published by Environmental Microbiology

By | January 27, 2015

I recently read a series of referee’ quotes published by Environmental Microbiology. As stated in every article, the referees are busy, serious individuals who give selflesslyof their precious time to improve manuscript. But, once in a while, their humour (or admiration) gets the better of them. Here are some quotes that I like most.


  • I recommend the authors to get in contact with, e.g. sanitary engineers or fermentation/process engineersand not to try and invent the wheel again.
  • I only am willing to read this again if it has less than 20pages (Ed.: the original submission had 54)!


  • If I had known this would be such an easy one to review(reject!), I would have done it sooner!
  • The Abstract and Results read much like a laundry list.


  • This paper is desperate. Please reject it completely and then block the author’s email ID so they can’t use the online system in future.
  • There was little I could think of to improve this nice paper
  • I usually try to nice but this paper has got to be one of the worst I have read in a long time.


  • I do not understand why the co-authors of this manu-script have allowed their names to be in the author list.
  • This is a wonderful paper! I enjoyed reading it from headto tail!

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